our story

 about us  


we are dominique & clifford. 

we are both passionate about all natural healthy dog treats and one of us is devoted to eating them. 

clifford is my first dog. 

after many years of obsessing over miniature dachshunds, he came into my life at the start of 2020 and he could not have come at a better time. 

clifford is a real character. he is social, unique, free-spirited, curious, sweet & extremely loyal. i am incredibly lucky to have him. my community is incredibly lucky to have him. 

i wanted to make sure that the treats i was feeding him were of the highest quality for his health, well-being and enrichment. with his slightly sensitive stomach and my desire to create lasting memories with him for as long as possible, i started my journey.

i found that all natural, single protein treats were the highest quality i could offer clifford. these provide many benefits, such as maximum nutrients, dental hygiene, joint health, a shiny coat, strengthened immune system and much much more. 

it did not take me long to realise, i also wanted his furry friends to experience all natural healthy dog treats too! 

 so with that, la pet société was born. 


 about la pet société


quality, simplicity and société are at the heart of la pet société. 

our vision is to create a société of like-minded dog owners who want the best for their dog’s health, well-being & enrichment and their wider community. 

as a dog owner and a consumer myself, i know what is important when selecting treats for our beloved furry friends. 

that is why at la pet société, we thoughtfully curate australian products with a variety of benefits and price range, offer a personalised service while being gentle on our planet. 

by consciously choosing treats made from quality meat by-products, we collectively contribute to zero waste and protecting our environment.

we are proud to say our packaging is reusable, recycled, compostable and recyclable. together we can help make tomorrow a better place for our dogs and the people in it.

we are a small business just starting out, but we have big ideas for how we want to build our brand, so come join us on our journey! 

tell us about yourself and your dog at hello@lapetsociete.com and tag us in your photos @lapetsociete, we would love to see them. 

welcome to la pet société.

helping you create long lasting memories with your dog. 

dominique & clifford 



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